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STEM and Makers

A little History

Our nation’s continued economic prosperity is closely linked with student success in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Use these resources to explore the critical role STEM education plays in driving innovation, and how schools and districts can expand the capacity and diversity of tomorrow’s STEM workforce. Maker & STEM


What is IOT

IOT (Internet of Everything) and embedded system are taking over. How to understand, How to adapt, and are we ready.

What’s Inside the Computer

We use computers to play games, write letters, watch movies, and many other tasks, but do we know what is inside the computer? Lets explore what is inside the compter and how it works.

Electricity and Magnets

Where does electricity come from? How do we create it? What is the relationship between magnets and moving electricity? We will try to explain this phenomenon.

Writing an Editor

What to understand how to create an editor? Here are some tutorials to help you learn about creating some in C.

Tesla and the Electric Car

The electric car adaption has been greatly accelerated by a startup company named Tesla. This upstart car company, as of July 1, 2020, is the most valuable car company in the world, and has redefined electric cars.

But why is Tesla so popular? How is Tesla’s approach different than Ford? Isn’t an electric car just a different motor in a normal car? How does driving an electric car differ from driving an ICE (internal combustion engine) car? How is an electric car different or the same an ICE car?

Home Wiki

Personal web servers are a great way to save manuals, interesting links, trip memories, and many other bits and pieces of information.

We are going to create a home Wiki using a Raspberry Pi and a USB hard disk. This will be a headless server, meaning that it can live anywhere it can connect to your network.

Editing Words, Formatted and Tagged

Text documents, Word documents, PDF files, Markup documents, Markdown documents, Web pages, *.docx, *.html, *.odt, *.tex confused yet? On a computer we have multiple types of documents to express thoughts, ideas, or just letters. Lets look at some methods of marking documents.

Now that we know what types of documents we are creating, how can we use them in a wiki or a web browser.

Intro to Sound

  • How is sound created?

  • How does sound travel?

  • How do we hear sound?

  • What is:

    • Frequency and Wavelength

    • Amplitude and Volume

  • Music vs Noise

Recorded Sound

  • How do we record sound? How do we measure sound? How do we modify sound? How do we recreate sound?

  • Why does the same song sound different at home, or in the car, or over ear buds from my phone?

  • Come along as we look at how sound is converted into electrons, recorded onto media, manipulated, and finally spit out to our ears. What we take for granted when listening to music, is really a wonder of complexity, but moves our ears to joy.

Recorded Sound Continued

Photo sharing with JAlbum

  • When you are on vacation it is common to take pictures. When you get home, what do you do with the pictures?

  • We are going to learn how to create web photo albums with JAlbum to document your trips. This will help you remember where you were as well as share some pictures with friends.

Tools for your home

  • Living in a home or an apartment you need to fix things from time to time. But whether you are an old pro, or a newbie you need to know what tools you need for what type of work.

  • Tonight we are going to start a discussion of what tools are best for what situation. There are some basic tools and some nice to have tools, depending on what you need to do. I will include fasteners and common parts as they seem appropriate.

Tools for your home (Continued) plus Wood working tools

  • Last talk the list of tools got too long, so I broke this up into a second talk.

  • In addition to hand tools I am going to discuss some workworking tools.

Wood Working for Beginners

  • We have looked at the tools you would use to do wood working, now it is time to use the tools.

  • We will make a couple of simple tools and look at an idea for a book case, from a single sheet of plywood.

Wood Shaping

  • We began by learning about woodworking tools, then we discussed how to build things with wood. Now we are going to explore wood shaping.

  • We will start by exploring the original wood shaping methods like chisels and knives, and finish with the computer controlled cutting.

Geothermal Heat for you home

  • How do I get Mother Earth to help me heat my Home? To find the answer pay attention to what I am about to tell you.

Power from the Sun

  • Our planet is livable because our sun provides energy in the form of light and heat. The plants use photosynthesis to grow. The sun warms the ground, which warms the air, which in tern warms us.

  • What if we could use the sun’s energy to produce electricity to power our machines? Well, we can, using photovoltaic panels.

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