Copyright © 2002 - 2019 John F. Moore
Copyright © 2002 - 2019 John F. Moore

STEM and Makers

A little History

STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathamatics) is a movement to encourage people to persue careers involved with the STEM fields. To put in another way, Science is Cool.


What’s Inside the Computer

We use computers to play games, write letters, watch movies, and many other tasks, but do we know what is inside the computer? Lets explore what is inside the compter and how it works.

Exploring Sound

We hear sounds all around us, but what is sound, and how do we hear it. Lets explore how it is csaptured and reproduced in our music players.

Exploring Electricity

What is electricity? Where does it come from? How can we create it? How can we control it? How does it get to our homes? How do motors work? Why do we want to use electricity instead of other fuels?

Written by John F. Moore

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