We have looked at the tools you would use to do wood working, now it is time to use the tools.

We will make a couple of simple tools and look at an idea for a book case, from a single sheet of plywood.

Review of wood working

As you start to work with wood you realize that there are 5 basic types of tools. Here is my overview. (You can refer to Tools for your home (Continued) plus Wood working tools to refresh your memory.

Tool types

  1. Sawing tools.

    This type of tools include hand saws, circular saws, Jig saws, reciprocating saw, chain saw and band saws.

  2. Drilling tools

    These tools are hand drills, and drill press.

  3. Shaping tools

    These are tools like planes hand or power, chisels, routers, shapers, and cnc machines.

  4. Abrasion tools

    This category includes sand paper, belt sanders, orbital sanders, and files.

  5. Wood fasteners

    This includes glue, screws, nails, etc.

Wood Types

Most of the wood I use for tools and construction around my house is pine that I get from local lumber yards. Home Depot is a good source of construction wood. Construction wood is mostly pine since it is cheap and easy to get and comes in regular sizes. For flat surfaces I commonly use plywood. This is wood that is cut into sheets and glued together to make 4 foot by 8 foot panels.

If you want to make items from other woods you need a supplier like Dykes Lumber which sells many of the hard wood used in dishes, special or expensive items.

Saw Horse Construction

For a simple project list make an easy saw horse. I use the following materials for 2 saw horses.

You will use the following lubber

  • 8 2x4 lumber 30 inches long.

  • 2 2x4 lumber 36 inches long

If you purchase four 8 foot, you could cut them as follows.

  • 8 feet = 2 x 30 inches and 1 x 36 inch

  • 8 feet = 2 x 30 inches and 1 x 36 inch

  • 8 feet = 3 x 30 inches

  • 8 foot = 1 x 30 inches and 66 inches left.

Saw Horse brackets

Once you cut the wood to length, assemble the saw horse and you are done. Simple, easy and inexpensive.

Now suppose you want something better. You might try something like this.

Inexpensive alternative

Tool Tote

This is an easy project to make a handy box for carrying tools or other items. These totes can carry many items and can be made in multiple sizes.

One advantage to this type of box is that you can change the dimensions for many different types of storage boxes. I find

Light weight box

Furniture for your home

Now lets take a look at some serious furniture you could make yourself. These pieces take more tools and skill, but are not all that difficult if you are careful.

Solid Oak Dinning Room Table

A Modern Dining Table

Dining Room Table

How to make a Solid Cherry Bookcase

Simple wooden bookshelf

How to build a simple DIY shelf with this great Tool!

How to Build a One Sheet Plywood Bookshelf

New way to use drawers for high places

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