What is a Raspberry Pi?
What can you do with a Raspberry Pi?
How do I start with a Raspberry Pi?

Join me as we explore this single board computer. We will discuss what it can do, and how to interface to the outside world. In the process we will discuss how to setup a new board, and how to gave a remote Raspberry Pi for use over the network.

Lastly we will build and program a small circuit to get your hands engaged in a real application. I will not pretend to be an expert, but mearly a leader in the exploration of this micro-controller.

What is a Raspberry Pi?

What is a Raspberry Pi? from Raspberry Pi Foundation.

The home of the Raspberry Pi Home is a good place to look for information.

What is in the Raspberry Pi?

Lets have a look at at Presentationon about the PI.

What can you do with a Raspberry Pi

How do I start with the Raspberry Pi?

Setting up the Raspberry Pi from Scratch

This is done by downloading the Raspbain image to your local Linux drive. The follow the linux instructions to burn the image on an SD card.

Now lets watch a Live demo of what to do at startup.

Setting up the Raspberry Pi for remote access

Remotely Accessing the Raspberry Pi via SSH – Console Mode

What are the GPIO pins?

Blinking an LED with the Pi

This is a VERY simple example of code for the Pi, but it will help to make clear how to code the Pi. The basic setup is to connect the Plus side of and LED (long pin) to pin 11 on the Pi. Then connect a resistor to the LED (short pin). And then connect the other end of the resistor to ground. *This example is taken from LED Blinking with Raspberry Pi.

LED board demo
LED board demo

Here is the code we will be running.

import RPi.GPIO as GPIO
import time
# blinking function
def blink(pin):
# to use Raspberry Pi board pin numbers
# set up GPIO output channel
GPIO.setup(11, GPIO.OUT)
# blink GPIO17 50 times
for i in range(0,50):

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