Welcome to Ubuntu


Your new Ubuntu is fresh from the box and you are dying to use it. But where do you start? We will hitting some of the highlights of the Jaunty Jackalope (9.04).

Working Jackalope
Working Jackalope

1.  Welcome to Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop Edition

The latest release of Ubuntu brings the best open source technologies together on one platform, with the benefit of free updates for 18 months. Constant improvements, feature additions and extended machine and network support explain why Ubuntu wins more converts with every release. This tour will help you discover, like millions of users worldwide, why Ubuntu Desktop Edition 9.04 is the desktop operating system for you. Welcome to Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop Edition

Most of this talk is going to use other websites, since the information is already available elsewhere. Especially Welcome to Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop Edition

But you came here to find out about how to use Ubuntu. So lets have a look at a screencast of Ubuntu applications: Ubuntu Applications

Lets take a look at what you could do with Linux everyday Using Linux Every Day. Although this is not strictly Ubuntu, it is still relevant.

OK but suppose the task you want to accomplish is not listed? Well you could consult a list of Top 100 of the Best (Useful) OpenSource Applications

Or if you would like an other list you could consult Top Best 50 Ubuntu Opensource Applications For Design And Developing

From the beginning the look is clean and sparse. Ubuntu tends to emphasize simplicity and not load the system with eye-candy. Not that eye-candy is bad, but it take a lot of resources.

But just to show you that Ubuntu can do Eye-candy with the best have a look at Compiz Fusion on Your Desktop

Here is a we page with some High Resolution YouTube videos of Ubuntu Ubuntu 9.04 released - best reviews and screenshots

As a final treat, lets see if we can learn how to use How To: Setup Compiz

As a tease for the next Workshop we will learn how to do lots of interesting things with Compiz Fusion. Stay tuned.

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